About the conference

The decision to hold the conference originated from the Franco‑German Council of Ministers on 13 July 2017.

Two Days

Forty Speakers

Six Panels


The Keynote will be held by Carl Bildt, former Swedish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.
Panel 1

From the Paris peace treaties to today’s visions of a just world order

The outcome of the peace negotiations, including a re‑examination of the problems that were solved, left unsolved, or newly created.
Panel 2

The long shadow of the First World War

The longue durée – the long shadow of the First World War – and the issues that are important for understanding the peace order (or disorder) following the war.
Panel 3

Societies between War and Peace

The various consequences of war, such as migration, forced displacement, population transfers, war traumas, brutalization, violence and demobilization.

Dinner Speech and Reception

A dinner speech followed by a reception will conclude the first day of the conference. The reception will take place in the Schlüterhof of the German Historical Museum.
Panel 4

Peace and Power after the First World War

The dimensions and principles of peacekeeping, such as attaining peace through international law, democracy and self-determination or military power.
Panel 5

Commemorating War and Peace - The Centenary of the First World War

The numerous and diverse ways that different cultures commemorate the First World War and its end, while bearing in mind the emotional reactions that are widely provoked by memories of the First World War, as well as the constant temptation to instrumentalize history.
Concluding Discussion

Learning from the First World War? Designs, Instruments, and Actors of Peace

The final discussion will draw on the previous themes of the conference and deduce what can be learned from the First World War and its commemoration.